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FAR conducts at least two clean up events each year. Our "Spring River Spruce Up" is conducted as part of Department of Convservation and Recreation's (DCR) Stewardship Virginia program. Our "Fall River Renaissance" is sponsored by Clean Virginia Waterways.

Sections of the Appomattox River, Buffalo Creek, Gross’s Creek, Wilkes Lake, Briery Creek Lake and Sandy River Reservoir are included in those clean up events.  FAR also works with the Friends of High Bridge Trail State Park to remove debris from park property during the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's "Clean the Bay Day" events.


FAR partners with Federal and State agencies, local governments, and private landowners to minimize bank erosion and prevent sediment from entering the river. 


Almost every year since 1999, a U.S. Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team has worked with FAR to remove major logjams from the river that are causing bank erosion and degrading the aquatic environment. This work also helps to provide EOD team members with the practical experience necessary for debris removal after natural disasters.


The Friends have also partnered with the government and private sector to conduct riparian buffer restoration projects. Trees and shrubs provided by the Department of Forestry have been planted to stabilize the floodplain along several sections of the Appomattox River and tributaries.

Stewards of the Appomatox

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