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Trip Planning


Planning A Successful Trip

It  involves more than just tying a canoe or kayak on top of the car and heading out. The paddler needs to consider many things such as weather and water conditions, what to wear, food and water requirements, emergency preparation and communications, and transportation to and from the put in and take out.

Water level plays an important part in whether or not a section of river is navigable and how long a trip may take. In most cases, the water level of the Appomattox River at Farmville should be between 4 and 6 feet to enjoy an effortless, safe paddle trip upstream of town.  Water levels below 4 feet may require the paddler to pull the boat over gravel bars or submerged logs.  Water levels above 6 feet may result in fast flowing water that is dangerous for the inexperienced paddler.


Printable Maps

Additional Readings

Virginia Whitewater: A Paddler’s Guide to the Rivers of Virginia, by H. Roger Corbett


Classic Virginia Rivers: A Paddler’s Guide to Premier Whitewater and Scenic Float Trips in the Old Dominion, by Ed Grove


DeLorme Atlas & Gazetter: Virginia

Check Water Levels

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